Innovate manufacturing and design hardware and software for automation solutions

We develop industrial automation systems, integrating the best component manufacturers.


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Our innovative Industrial Automation systems simplify your workflow





Develop industrial
automation systems

We accurately integrate the best automation systems to develop tailor-made solutions, satisfying market needs effectively and innovatively. Our dedication to excellence ensures reliable and satisfying results for our customers.

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Verticalized production processes

We are dedicated to ensuring an impeccable quality process while ensuring that we meet market launch deadlines. Our focus on precision and efficiency enables us to achieve optimal results to meet our customers’ needs.

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High-performance solution to the market

Continuous improvement in all processes will allow GAV to be recognized by the market as a technology supplier. Transforming the application areas into business units with dedicated staff from pre to post sales, it will allow to increase knowledge and improve applications to give right support to matket.

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Do you need a custom solution for your business?

We create custom solutions. We’ll leverage the latest technologies, innovative thinking, and decades of experience across multiple industries to meet your needs. Start building your solution today.

custom build industrial automation
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